Shady The Cat

Our cats who have passed knew we were lonely, so they sent us the perfect shop cat.
We named him Shady.

Meet Sheeba

Shady came to us with a huge abscess on
his back and really needed our help.
Of course we helped him at the Cat Doctor.
He had many stitches after the surgery.

Shady quickly made himself at home
at our shop and was completely content!

Being the cat lovers that we are, we accommodate
Shady with his very own window seat. He loves it.

Fat and Happy!

Playing in the snow.

Helping with wrapping Christmas presents.

As long as I'm laying here, nobody is getting any work done.

Life is Great here at Boise Cycle, LLC !

Getting sleepy in the sun.

Shady couldn't be happier!

Shady smelling the fresh catnip mice that
are for sale for other cats.

Trying to get comfortable in the catnip mouse basket.

Finally comfortable in the basket.

Shady is a biker cat now.

This is what we found one morning when opening up.
Shady was so proud to show us the bird feathers all over the showroom floor.
Shady left us feathers and a bloody bird leg
as evidence of night time hunting.
Came to work to find this on the floor for us. It's the Gopher that Carl has been trying to trap.
Shady made sure Carl knew that he caught it for him. What a hunter!

What makes Boise Cycle, LLC stand out- We CARE about your Harley.

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